Shopping Show Job Profile


Our Shopping Show sales position is designed to be flexible so we can accommodate the right person’s requirements. This position will be reaching out to businesses in Northern California and Southern Oregon to determine if they would be interested in inviting members of our listening audiences on KEKA, EZ Radio and KINS to visit their businesses or use their services. The job is structured to be almost exclusively an “in-house” sales position, contacting businesses through social media and/or telephone.

This is a rare sales position because there is no collecting of money. And you get to use the creative part of your brain as well as you get to write radio commercials and developing marketing ideas for the business partners you work with for the Shopping Show. This high-paced position can be designed either as a 20 to 25 hour job or as a full-time 40 hour position.

Personal Traits

To be successful, the right person for this position needs to have a positive attitude with a pleasant, clear voice and an “attitude for winning.” Other characteristics needed include the ability to follow a script; ability to enter data into a computer; no fear of rejection; and someone who enjoys helping business people achieve their goals.

Income Outline

This job offers three ways to generate monthly income: base salary + commissions + bonuses for reaching revenue goals.


Full-time employees qualify for paid vacation days, paid sick days, health insurance, dental and vision insurance.

Business Tools

We have recently remodeled the sales office to be used for this position and have invested in new office furniture and a computer system. Even the chair is brand spankin’ new.

Other Stuff

We’ve entered into the 20th year of the Shopping Show. As a result, we have a pretty good idea what the best items are for the Shopping Show and the easiest ways to lead you to higher levels of income. The support office staff for the stations and for the Shopping Show assist to make the job less stressful and more enjoyable.

This position is a weekday only job, giving you weekends off every week.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, fill out the “Learn More” form at the bottom of our Careers page. You will be contacted within two business days to set up an initial phone interview.

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